Seattle asserts its Yesler Way was the reason for the term ‘slide street’, which became ‘ghetto-Ville’ – logs would ‘slip’ down the steeply slanted street connecting a logging region above town to Henry Yesler’s plant.

Concerning Henry Yesler himself, neighborhood history specialists paint him as a goal-oriented business devotee who conflicted often with the wild-and-wooly Doc Maynard. These two men, who apparently were similarly obstinate, both claimed part of the land that would in the long run become Pioneer Sq. This brought about an exceptionally representative network conflict, in which Yesler’s segment of the square had roads running corresponding to the waterway, while Maynard’s came slamming in at a north-south edge. Yesler kept up, not nonsensically, that Doc was smashed when he presented his bit of the plans.

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