The Boston Red Sox like to discuss its record of nine World Series titles over the most recent 90 years… well, the Yankees have won an unimportant 27 in that period. The group’s enchantment seemed to have moved with them across 161st St to the new Yankee Stadium, where they played their first season in 2009 – winning the World Series there in a six-game slugfest against the Phillies. The Yankees play from April to October.

Hour-since quite a while ago guided voyages through the site fundamentally run at regular intervals somewhere in the range of 11 am and 1:40 pm, and for the most part incorporate the on-location exhibition hall, burrow, press box, clubhouse, field and Monument Park (home to plaques celebrating greats like Babe Ruth and Joe Di­Maggio). You can buy tickets ahead of time through Ticketmaster (www.ticketmaster.com).

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