The world’s tallest structure upon fruition in 1913 (it was just outperformed in tallness by the Chrysler Building in 1930), Cass Gilbert’s 60-story, 792ft-tall Woolworth Building is a neo-Gothic wonder, carefully clad in workmanship and earthenware. The stunning hall – a display of astonishing, Byzantine-like mosaics – is open just on pre-booked guided visits, which additionally offer knowledge into the structure’s more inquisitive unique highlights, among them a committed metro entrance and a mystery pool.

At its commitment, the structure was portrayed as a ‘church building of business’; however implied as an affront, FW Woolworth, top of the five-and-dime chain-store domain headquartered there, accepting the remark as a commendation and started tossing the term around himself. Today, it’s more similar to a house of prayer of apartment suites, as the best 30 stories have been changed over to ultraluxury habitations, including a ‘Zenith Penthouse’ that takes up the best seven stories and incorporates an outdoors observatory.

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