It’s Chicago’s tallest structure, and the 103rd-floor Skydeck places you high into the sky. Take the ear-popping, 70-second lift ride to the top and afterward step onto one of the glass-amazed edges extending out into mid-air for a knee-locking viewpoint straight in. On crisp mornings the view clears more than four states. The passage is on Jackson Blvd. Lines can take as long as an hour on occupied days (top occasions are in summer, somewhere in the range of 11 am and 4 pm Friday through Sunday).

A touch of history: it was the Sears Tower from its fruition in 1973 until protection merchant Willis Group Holdings purchased the naming rights in 2009. A Skydeck development is inevitable throughout the following not many years and probably will incorporate new excites like an ‘edge stroll’ on a glass-sheet gallery.

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