This 10.5-section of the land park dating from 1879 resembles a cordial town square for local people, who assemble for chess at solid tables, picnics on the garden, and unconstrained guitar or drum jams on different green meadows. It’s additionally the site of ball courts, an enjoyable to-watch canine run (a fenced-in territory where people can release their canines), a scaled-down open pool for kids, visit summer shows, and a consistently vivacious play area.

The recreation center wasn’t generally a spot for such clean fun. During the ’80s it was a grimy, needle-thrown destitute settlement, unusable for people needing a spot to walk or excursion. A disagreeable defining moment came when police destroyed the bandshell (where the incredible and now-old Wigstock drag celebration was established by Lady Bunny and companions) and expelled more than one hundred vagrants living in a makeshift camp in the recreation center in 1988 (and again in 1991). That first expulsion turned rough; the Tompkins Square Riot, as it came to be known, introduced the main rush of elitists in the canine run, fashionistas lolling in the grass and covert opiates specialists attempting to go as addict little troublemakers.

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival is held in the recreation center, bringing probably the greatest jazz names to the ‘hood every August. This park is named after Daniel Tompkins, who filled in as legislative leader of New York from 1807 to 1817 (and as the country’s VP from that point onward, under James Monroe).

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