One of Delhi’s most up to date traveler locates, this awesome park was a congested no man’s land until late remodels took the sixteenth century Mughal cultivates back to something moving toward their previous wonder. It’s presently a tremendous arranged legacy park with cut yards, sensitive conduits and a system of ways spotted with organic product trees, blossom beds, tree-concealed seats and various sixteenth century Mughal burial places and structures, some of which despite everything lie in a beguiling condition of ruin, some of which have been affectionately reestablished.

The focal pathway has been made upon the line of the Mughal-period Grand Trunk Road and leads right from the passageway to the water gardens at the outskirt with Delhi’s zoo. Off the sides are woods to investigate, a bonsai nursery and more Mughal ruins. The reclamation venture is a work in progress, yet this is as of now ending up being one of Delhi’s champion green spaces.

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