In spite of the fact that not on a standard with Seattle’s broadly praised Woodland Park Zoo, the aquarium – arranged on Pier 59 of every an appealing wooden structure – is presumably the most intriguing sight on the waterfront, and it’s a convenient interruption for families with irritated footed children.

The section anteroom immediately intrigues with a goliath fish-filled tank called ‘Window on Washington Waters’; mood melodies is once in a while given by live string groups of four. The aquarium houses harbor seals and occupant ocean and waterway otters, who coast entertainingly on their backs. A submerged vault on the lower level gives a truly reasonable look at the sort of fish that occupy the waters of Puget Sound, and the everyday jumper show here is presumably the best of the aquarium’s live occasions. For kids, there are a lot of hands-on shows, including a pool where they can stroke starfish and touch ocean imps.

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