Ocean lions took over San Francisco’s most desired waterfront land in 1989 and have been unveiling a presentation of themselves from that point forward. Normally these unkempt vagrants have become San Francisco’s preferred mascots, and since California law expects pontoons to clear a path for marine vertebrates, yacht proprietors need to surrender significant slips to oblige upwards of 1000 ocean lions. These monster warm-blooded animals ‘pull out’ onto the docks among January and July, and at whatever point else they want to sunbathe.

Night and day they canoodle, burp, scratch, and joyfully push each other off the docks.

For more data head higher up to the Sea Lion Center (https://bayecotarium.org/about/ocean lion-focus/), where you can pose inquiries and look at the ocean lion displays, including the full-sized skeleton of a grown-up male.

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