Roosted on head of an inaccessible slope like a fantasy mansion, this(Sajjan Garh) despairing, ignored late-nineteenth century royal residence was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh. Initially a galactic focus, it turned into a rainstorm royal residence and chasing lodge. Presently government possessed, it’s in an unfortunately incapacitated state, however guests stream up here for the wonderful perspectives, especially at nightfall. It’s 5km west of the old city from point A to point B, about 9km by the winding street.

At the foot of the slope you enter the 5-sq-km Sajjan Garh Wildlife Sanctuary. A decent method to visit is with the day by day dusk trip in a minivan driven by a venturesome cabbie who gets sightseers at the passage to Bagore-ki-Haveli at Gangaur Ghat consistently at 5pm. The full circle costs ₹350 per individual, including holding up time (however not the asylum charges). His minivan has ‘Storm Palace–Sajjangarh Fort’ composed over its front. On the other hand, autorickshaws charge ₹200 one path to the safe-haven door, which they are not permitted to pass. Offer taxicabs ship individuals the last 4km up to the royal residence for ₹200 per individual

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