The Qutab Minar that gives the mind boggling its name is an unmissable, taking off Afghan-style triumph pinnacle and minaret, raised by king Qutb-ud-clamor in 1193 to announce his matchless quality over the vanquished Hindu leaders of Qila Rai Pithora. Ringed by unpredictably cut sandstone groups bearing refrains from the Quran, the pinnacle stands about 73m high and tightens from a 15m-distance across base to an insignificant 2.5m at the top. Confirmation value is to the entire Qutab Minar Complex.

The pinnacle has five unmistakable stories with anticipating galleries, yet Qutb-ud-noise just finished the main level before his unfortunate passing (he was skewered on his seat while playing polo). His replacements finished the activity. The pinnacle was struck by lightning in the fourteenth century, after which Feroz Shah had it fixed in marble. In the nineteenth century a quake brought about additional harm, and the British fixed it, plonking a dome on top, which was later expelled.

You can no longer trip the restricted winding flight of stairs inside the pinnacle for wellbeing reasons.

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