Pont du Gard

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The extraordinary three-layered Pont du Gard was once part of a 50km-long arrangement of channels worked around 19 BC to ship water from Uzès to Nîmes. The scale is immense: the extension is 48.8m high, 275m long and graced with 52 accuracy manufactured curves. It was the most elevated in the Roman Empire. At the guests community on the left, northern bank, there’s a great, cutting edge exhibition hall including the scaffold, the reservoir conduit and the job of water in Roman culture.

Each square was cut by hand and shipped from close by quarries – no mean accomplishment, considering the biggest squares weighed more than 5 tons. The stature of the scaffold plunges by 2.5cm over its length, giving simply enough inclination to keep the water streaming – a stunning show of the accuracy of Roman building.

You can stroll over the levels for all-encompassing perspectives over the Gard River, yet the best point of view on the scaffold is from downstream, along the 1.4km Mémoires de Garrigue strolling trail. On the off chance that you purchase the Pass Aqueduc, you can walk the extension’s highest level, along which the water streamed (guided visit). For kids, there’s Ludo, an action play zone.

Early night is a decent an ideal opportunity to visit, as confirmation is less expensive (grown-up/youngster €5/3) and the scaffold is incredibly enlightened after dim.

It’s 21km upper east of Nîmes.