Nipponzan Myohoji Temple

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Inherent 1956, Nipponzan Myohoji remains as an image of harmony and fellowship in the midst of the confusion of an occupied Worli road. While the inward sanctum houses a splendid white marble sculpture of the Buddha, the primary supplication lobby offers a rainbow-shaded visit through the Buddha’s life, painted with regular vegetable color, with Japanese engravings composed high on the dividers of the sanctuary.

Two times per day, adherents accumulate around an enormous Japanese drum, to recite the sanctuary’s mantra – Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō (‘dedication to the law of the Lotus Sutra’), an outflow of assurance to grasp the standards of Nichiren Buddhism. Today, the sanctuary is overseen and kept up by a portion of the city’s driving altruists, the Birla Family.

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