Picture what it resembled to be Chinese in America during the gold rush, transcontinental railroad development, and Beat prime in this 1932 milestone, worked as Chinatown’s YWCA. CHSA students of history uncover captivating antiquities: 1920s silk qipao dresses, WWII Chinatown club banners, and Frank Wong’s Chinatown miniatures. Shows share individual experiences and authentic viewpoints on Chinese American verifiable achievements – including the Civil Rights development, Cold War, and Chinese Exclusion Act, which formally prohibited Chinese workers from US citizenship and social equality from 1882 to 1943.

Turning shows are held in the effortless clinker-block, green-tile-roofed milestone building planned by exploring draftsman Julia Morgan (boss designer of Hearst Castle). Check the CHSA site for current shows, openings, and occasions.

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