Llovizna Falls is a cascade on the Caroní River, near its juncture with the Orinoco, are situated in the Llovizna Park, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. The close by Macagua Dam has decreased the stream over the cascade lately, however the course keeps on being marvelous and comes back to its previous brilliance a few times each year when the conduits of the dam are opened.


The Llovizna Park is extremely large, and it has many green regions and seats where loved ones can invest a decent energy. In the stone theater, found near the passageway of the recreation center, guests can appreciate the various shows and plays that local people do to engage the network and raise the visits of the recreation center. Loved ones can likewise excursion. The recreation center has one eatery that sell the run of the mill plates from the state, for example, Arepas, Empanada, Tequeño, and numerous different things. Exercise and preparing are different exercises you can do in the recreation center. The recreation center offers extremely wide and safe walkaways utilized by individuals to ride bikes, run, run, or simply walk. There are additionally preparing machines that are free for the guests. For the vacationers, the recreation center offers a transport tour[1] that takes the guests to the most particular spots of the recreation center, for example, the Stone Theater, the cascade, the iron extension, and numerous different spots.

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