Les Machines de l’Île de Nantes

Parc des Chantiers, Boulevard Léon Bureau, 44200 Nantes 0 Reviews


Nantes’ quirkiest sight is this dreamland – a genuine and truly wacky workshop with mechanical contraptions in abundance showed in plant-filled nurseries – where you can fly monster herons in La Galerie des Machines and dance around like a maharajah on a 12m-tall, a 48-ton mechanical elephant with a mystery relax in its paunch. Outside, by the stream, Le Carrousel des Mondes Marins (a massive funfair merry go round) whisks you under the ocean on the rear of goliath crabs, octopuses and other unusual ocean animals.

Jules Verne would be grinning in his grave in the event that he knew the following stunning venture the devoted group behind the Machines de l’île de Nantes current task: a colossal tree called L’Arbre aux Hérons (The Heron Tree), etched from 22 steel walkways (the ‘branches’) and suspended nurseries. In the end a couple of huge mechanical herons will settle at the head of the 36m-high tree holding on to have a good time with guests. A monster mechanical insect will live in the tree – see him in La Galerie des Machines – and a model of a branch has just been assembled and serves as the exit from the current complex.

The fundamental extra charge covers admission to both La Galerie des Machines (where mechanics show their various developments, monster insects and caterpillars included) and the genuine workshop (where the fantastical contraptions are manufactured); separate tickets are required for the 40-minute elephant ride and Le Carrousel des Mondes Marines. Bookings ahead of time for the elephant rides are energetically suggested.