Puncturing the horizon close to the City Palace is this surprising minaret(Isarlat), raised during the 1740s by Jai Singh II’s child and replacement Iswari. The passageway is around the rear of the column of shops fronting Chandpol Bazaar – take the back street 50m west of the minaret along the bazaar or go by means of the Atishpol access to the City Palace compound, 150m east of the minaret. You can winding to the head of the 43m minaret for brilliant perspectives.

Iswari despicably executed himself by snakebite (in the Chandra Mahal) instead of face the propelling Maratha armed force – his 21 spouses and courtesans at that point did the vital honorable thing and submitted jauhar (custom mass self destruction by immolation) on his memorial service fire.

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