Worked by Sultan Ala-ud-noise Khilji in the thirteenth century, Hauz Khas signifies ‘honorable tank’, and its store once secured 28 hectares. It gathered enough water during the storm to last Siri Fort all through the dry season. Today it’s a lot littler, yet at the same time an excellent spot to be, crowded by winged animals and encompassed by parkland. Neglecting it are the noteworthy remnants of Feroz Shah’s fourteenth century madrasa (strict school) and burial place, which he had worked before his demise in 1388.

To arrive at the lake shore, either slice through the adjoining Deer Park (sunshine hours), which has more destroyed burial places and a very much loaded deer nook, or stroll past all the Hauz Khas shops, past No 50, and enter the grounds of Feroz Shah’s madrasa, from where you can watch out over the lake before moving down to the water’s edge.

There are various Lodi-time burial places dispersed along the frontage road to Hauz Khas Village, and in close by Green Park.

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