Skimming like a consecrated hallucination off the coast, this(Haji Ali Dargah) Indo-Islamic hallowed place situated on a seaward gulf is a striking sight. Inherent the nineteenth century, it contains the burial chamber of the Muslim holy person Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. Legend has it that Haji Ali passed on while on a journey to Mecca and his coffin wonderfully drifted back to this spot.

It’s just conceivable to visit the hallowed place at low tide, through a long highway (check tide times locally). A large number of explorers, particularly on Thursday and Friday (when there might be qawwali; reverential singing), cross it day by day, many giving to hobos who line the way. Tragically, portions of the holy place are in a helpless state, harmed by storms and the saline air, however a redesign plan exists. It’s visited by individuals everything being equal.

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