San Franciscans have energetic points of view regarding each matter, particularly their mark milestone, however, everybody concurs that it really is great that the Navy didn’t get its way over the extension’s plan – maritime authorities favored a massive solid range, painted with alert yellow stripes, over the taking off craftsmanship deco structure of draftsmen Gertrude and Irving Murrow and architect Joseph B Strauss, which, fortunately, won the day.

To the extent best perspectives go, film buffs trust Hitchcock had it right: seen from underneath at Fort Point, the 1937 extension instigates an exciting instance of Vertigo. Haze enthusiasts favor the north-end post at Marin’s Vista Point, to watch blasts surge through extension links like dry ice at a Kiss show.

To see the two sides of the Golden Gate discussion, climb or bicycle the 1.7-mile range. Muni transport 28 hurries to the parking garage, and people on foot and cyclists can cross the extension on walkways. For drivers, connect tolls are charged electronically to your vehicle’s tag; for subtleties, see www.goldengate.org/tolls.

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