Goiás Velho was established in 1727, its name being a tribute to the Goyaz Indians, the occupants of the region before the appearance of the Europeans. Its homes, houses of prayer and places of worship are a declaration to the tallness of the gold rush era. The historical backdrop of the town, which is interlaced with the historical backdrop of Goiás state, and certain tokens of the abundance of past hundreds of years cut in gold, can be found in spots, for example, the Museu das Bandeiras, worked in 1761; the Colégio Sant’Ana, established in 1879 by Dominican monks; the congregation of Nossa Senhora d’Abadia, developed in 1790, with its special raised area painted in blue and gold; and the Casa da Fundição, dating from 1752, where the gold from the mines was thrown.

Festivals in Goiás Velho

In Goiás, one of the most well-known celebrations is the Procession of the Fogaréu, which happens on the Wednesday before Easter Sunday. It is one of the most customary occasions of Holy Week in Brazil and just in Angra dos Reis is a comparative parade celebrated.

During the function the farricocos (the individuals wearing medieval robes and hoods that go with parades of humility) recreate Jesus’ capture by the Roman warriors by going through the roads of the town at 12 PM with lights to the sound of drums. There is an incredible likeness with certain customs that happen in Spain simultaneously of year particularly in Toledo and Sevilla.

The obscurity, the lights, and the speed of the men with secured faces make a medieval environment. It was accepted that the fiend was free in the boulevards of the town on that night, terrifying all, particularly the kids.

Initially, no one but men could take interest yet today that has changed. Odd notions like the nearness of a werewolf and a headless donkey are likewise showed in this well-known celebration. Sightseers originate from great distances abroad to observe the exhibition. In 2006, as indicated by the Diario da Manhã a paper from Goiânia, 10,000 travelers came to watch the parade.

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