‘Back home into the nightfall/Still unwearied we go/Till the northern slopes are foggy/With the golden of radiance.’ Poet George Sterling’s sonnet ‘City by the Sea’ appears to be incomprehensibly sentimental – however, when you watch the dusk over the Golden Gate Bridge from his namesake peak park, you’ll see his perspective. This is the ideal vantage highlight value the town Sterling called ‘the cool dark city of affection.’

Authentic was an incredible romancer of all San Francisco offered – nature, optimism, free love, and opium – and was as often as possible broke. A certified SF erratic, he conveyed a deadly portion of cyanide as a token of life’s brevity – and he turned into the toast of Nob Hill’s cryptic, first-class Bohemian Club, where he regularly frolicked and slammed. Broken by his ex’s self-destruction and the loss of his closest companion, author Jack London, the ‘Lord of Bohemia’ obviously took his severe portion in 1926 inside his Bohemian Club condo. Compelling companions regarded him by devoting this park to his memory, with its wandering ways and blending Sterling perspectives.

In case you’re not winded from these peak vistas, play tennis on the neighboring open court named after San Francisco’s 1930s tennis champ Alice Marble, who recouped from tuberculosis to win Wimbledon – and serve during WWII as a US spy among Nazis. Sure puts a little post-tennis gasping into point of view.

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