Metropolitan recovery has no more prominent landmark in Seattle than Gas Works Park. The previous force station here created gas for warming and lighting from 1906 to 1956. The gas works were from that point justifiably viewed as a blemish and a natural hazard. In any case, the delightful area of the works, with heavenly perspectives on downtown over Lake Union, boats, and yachts sliding to and from the transportation waterway, prompted the regional government to change over the previous modern site into a recreation center in 1975.

Notwithstanding, as opposed to destroying the processing plant, scene modelers saved it. Painted dark and now featured with rather a cheerful spray painting, it would seem that some odd leftover from previous human progress. It additionally makes an incredible area for shooting rock collection spreads and music recordings. The recreation center’s little slope with its sundial is a most loved spot for flying kites.

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