Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park

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Emotional structure, presidential motivation, and a reviving point of view on the NYC horizon make for a capturing trio at the Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. At the southern tip of Roosevelt Island on the East River, this exceptional landmark respects America’s 32nd president and his 1941 State of the Union discourse. It’s stunningly true to life in its scale and impact: an iridescent stone vision structured by famous planner Louis Kahn in 1973, yet just finished in 2012 – 38 years after Kahn’s passing.

A compass of excellent, obvious advances paves the way to an inclining triangular garden. Bordered by linden trees, the grass tenderly spills down to a bronze bust of Roosevelt by American stone carver Jo Davidson. Confining the figure is a rock divider, hand engraved with Roosevelt’s awakening discourse, in which he discussed the four basic human opportunities he wanted for the world: the right to speak freely of discourse, opportunity of love, opportunity from need and opportunity from dread. The divider additionally serves to isolate the bust from ‘The Room,’ an insightful rock patio sticking to the very tip of the island. The mix of lapping waves and the drifting horizon is completely entrancing. Before the means close to the passageway to the recreation center, the Gothic remnants of a nineteenth-century smallpox emergency clinic just serves to highlight the contemporary design past.

Despite the fact that the F metro line will get you to Roosevelt Island, it’s considerably more fun getting the ethereal tramway vehicle, which floats over the East River, offering falcon eye perspectives on the Manhattan horizon. The landmark is a 15-minute walk south of both the Roosevelt Island tramway vehicle and metro stations.

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