Established in Lower Manhattan in 1754 as King’s College, the most seasoned college in New York is currently one of the world’s head research organizations. In 1897 the Ivy League school moved to its present area (the site of a previous haven), where its impressive, gated grounds offer a lot of social happenings.

The chief focal point is the fundamental yard (situated on either side of College Walk, at 116th St), which is encircled by different Italian Renaissance–style structures. In the northern half, you’ll discover the sculpture of the open-equipped Alma Mater situated before the Low Memorial Library. On the eastern finish of College Walk, at the edge of Amsterdam Ave, is Hamilton Hall, a key site during the popular understudy uprising of 1968.

Your smartest choice for exploring the grounds is to download design history specialist Andrew Dolkart’s independently directed sound visit (www.columbia.edu/content/independently directed strolling tour.html) from the Columbia University site.

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