The exhibition hall in Brooklyn: Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Bed-Stuy

An exhibition hall and display worked into the Brooklyn Navy Yard, BLDG 92 discloses to Brooklyn’s living history, from the naval force yards to its present-day pioneers and architects. Three stories of presentation rooms grandstand the shipbuilding history that made Brooklyn, with some grasping declaration from characters of the time… ladies welders working 10-hour days while battling for equivalent compensation with the men, we salute you.

Check ahead on the site for normal voyages through the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Relics of the past (photographs, models, maps, narrative film cuts) segue into the present, with shows on the Navy Yard’s resurrection in the previous decade. Today, you’ll discover the plan and new innovation firms, craftsman studios, and specialty creators (counting Kings County Distillery, which offers tastings and visits).

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