This WWII to Cold War–period ship is presently forever secured in San Pedro Bay and open to guests as an exhibition hall. It’s monstrous – 887ft long (that is 5ft longer than Titanic) and about as tall as an 18-story building. Step onto the passage and download the free application to take an independently directed sound visit through everything from the stateroom, where FDR stayed, to rocket turrets and the enrolled men’s kitchen, which produced 8000 hot dinners daily during WWII.

The application-based visit is accessible in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. A ‘broadened understanding’ ($10 extra) incorporates a recently opened deck with extra offices and the Lost at Sea display, devoted to wreck traveler Robert Ballard, generally popular for finding Titanic.

Stopping is free for the primary hour and $2 every hour from that point.

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