The previous home of free thinker picture taker Alice Austen (1866–1952) remains in a tranquil, shore-side recognize, a 2.4-mile transport ride south from the ship wharf. The structure (known as ‘Clear Comfort’) is presently a house-exhibition hall committed to the productive picture taker and her extraordinary life. Austen created 8000 photos, reporting both upper-white collar class Staten Island life and the lumpy, regular workers’ real factors of the Lower East Side. Austen was a lady in disobedience of Victorian standards about ladies, living youngster free with her long-lasting darling, Gertrude.

The house is assigned a New York City open park and noteworthy milestone. Among the most intriguing photos in plain view are those of Austen and her companions, comparably nonconforming people seeking after their interests. Photos of them drinking, wearing fantastical ensembles, and playing sports are representations of what Austen called ‘the larky life,’ opportunities which counter a daily existence secured in built-up sexual orientation jobs.

Things gathered by Austen, similar to Chinese stone lamps, are showed among the showcases, alongside fascinating tokens from her life (like a formula for lobster, the sole thing on the menu when Austen and her accomplice ran a coffee bar to raise some additional money).

In case you’re going to Staten Island by transport from Brooklyn, the house-exhibition hall is a mile north of the Verrazzano–Narrows Bridge.

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