Avast, ye scurvy scallywags! In the event that ye be wrecked without yer eye fix or McSweeney’s abstract treasury, set down ye doubloons and guarantee yer goods at this here charitable privateer store. Beneath decks, kids are composing fanciful stories for dull evenings a’sea, and ye can examine composing motion pictures, sci-fi and suchlike if that be yer devious tendency.

This whimsical privateer gracefully stores selling eye patches, spyglasses, and McSweeney’s artistic magazines fronts a charitable contribution free composting workshops and mentoring for youth. Yank open wooden drawers sorted out as per privateer rationale: a cabinet stamped ‘enlightenment’ holds candles; ‘pound’ is loaded with hammers. In any case, leave the stinky tub o’ grease alright alone, or you may get wiped – a privateer right of passage custom that includes a hidden entrance, a mop, and the component of shock.

Before you leave, step behind the velvet drape into the Fish Theater, where a blue-looked at and smiling (truly, grinning) pufferfish is submerged in Method acting. The ichthyoid tricks may not be very up to Sean Penn norms, in any case, as the sign says, ‘Kindly don’t pass judgment on the fish.’

For additional fishy antics, visit King Karl’s Emporium at 826’s nautically themed satellite community in the Tenderloin (180 Golden Gate). Check the schedule for night composing workshops, running from fragrance propelled fiction to neighborhood oral-history ventures.

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