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The Sacred Place Is A Holy Place Where People Are Usually Going For  Worship And You May Say  Given To A Strict Function, Or Basically Deserving Of Stunningness And Regard. Jerusalem Is A Consecrated Spot For Some Religions, Similarly As Fenway Is A Sacrosanct Spot For Red Sox Fans. Consecrated Is A Descriptor Used To Depict Someone Or Something Deserving Of Love Or Pronounced Sacred.

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Église Abbatiale de St-Robert

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For Pope Clement VI, a humble tomb simply wouldn’t do. The pope commissioned a palatial church to shelter his [...]

City Palace

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A complex of patios, nurseries and structures, the noteworthy City Palace is directly in the focal point of the [...]

Site Archéologique de Glanum

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It may come up short on the scale and aspiration of a portion of Provence’s better-known Roman landmarks, however [...]